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Do I Need Dental Crowns? Plainfield IL

In dentistry, a crown refers to the surface area of the portion of the tooth above the gum line that is covered by enamel. In the event that this layer gets damaged due to decay, chips, fractures, or deep stains, your dentist may recommend that you get an artificial dental crown to fix the problem. 

Crowns can be made from tooth-colored materials such as porcelain and composite resin, metals such as gold, silver, and nickel/chromium alloys, or a fusion of porcelain and metal to combine the benefits of each type of material. Your custom-made crown or cap will be permanently bonded to the damaged tooth in order to restore its natural shape, size, strength, function, and appearance (for tooth-colored crowns). 

But Should You Get a Dental Crown?

Dental crowns are used to either restore the function of a damaged tooth, or to improve its appearance. There are other treatments that can be used to address the same issues, so your preference may not necessarily be dental crowns. Moreover, if you’re not in pain from decay or tooth damage, you may not need to seek urgent treatment yet, provided the tooth is still functional. 

That said, there are several dental issues that may require treatment with dental crowns, including:

  • A chipped, broken, or fractured tooth that is sensitive to hot and cold foods and drinks
  • Weakened filling 
  • Very large cavities 
  • To strengthen and improve appearance of restored tooth after root canal therapy  
  • To support bridgework – the artificial tooth is bonded to the adjacent teeth through dental crowns so it stays suspended in the gap
  • To replace teeth with dental implants – a crown is connected to the post implanted in the jawbone via an abutment, becoming your replacement tooth
  • To correct cosmetic dental issues such as excessively or unevenly worn down, badly shaped or misshapen teeth, severely stained teeth, and widely gapped teeth 
  • To protect primary teeth (baby teeth) for children at high risk for tooth decay

Learn More About Dental Crowns

Depending on your specific case, your dentist will help you choose the most appropriate material for your custom dental crowns, restoring the function and appearance of your mouth. 

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